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The MFX Mobile View

Advanced technologies are providing new ways to create value and WIN at the talent wars.

MARKETPLACE FUSIONX is the next generation of talent acquisition products and intelligent platforms that connects people to available market opportunities and opportunities to talented people.  By utilizing our intelligent platform, companies can attract talent to their current offerings. The process begins with an immersive VR/AR experience of the company sharing its core values, culture, working environment, and the opportunities that are available for anyone on the MARKETPLACE FUSIONX platform or as we like to call it, The FUSIONX Community.

For the candidates, our intelligent platform provides all the tools and capabilities necessary to tell their Whole Story in an unbiased environment using artificial intelligent assessments across several areas that represents a holistic picture of what we call, The Whole You.

Be interviewed in an unbiased environment and selected based on your Whole Story, the Whole You, Your Talents including experiences, and accomplishments. MARKETPLACE FUSIONX creates the equitable and secure environment for timely and positive interactions to happen, creating what we call, The TALENTX Marketplace.



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