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Meet the Team

About Us

Servando Technologies was founded out of the belief that there is power in amplifying innovation by unleashing the power of ideas with extraordinary talent to bring new products to market. We are an innovative, creative, process driven team that believes in business not as usual through imagining the art of possibilities.

We believe there are extraordinary opportunities in bridging ideation, innovation, and the latest technologies to solve real-world challenges using imaginative designs to construct intelligent platforms and frameworks using artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, and data science.

Japhet Berlin CEO

Japhet Berlin

Founder & CEO

As a leader and entrepreneur, Japhet brings over 25 years of experience leading complex technical engagements and bringing new products to market. He currently serves as the founder and managing director for engineering start-up, Campana Engineering and incubator/think tank Agency One Five, as well  as boutique contingent staffing firm Fifteen Management Consulting Group. He previously founded Smartcard Health Technologies and founded My HomeAssets and HRSnap which he exited successfully.

Richard Foo - VP Marketing & Sales

Richard Foo

EVP Sales & Marketing 

As a strategic and operations executive, Richard brings over 25 of experience delivering broad business, technical and geographical transformation in several industries and companies including Nike, McDonald's, Marathon Oil, Tektronix, and Mylan Pharmaceutical.

Melissa Perkins


A 20+ year data professional with experience in business intelligence, database architecture, data warehousing, the database development lifecycle, including custom cloud software integration and applications. She brings depth and focus on application and technical architectural advising Fortune 500 companies, with keen objective analysis & design, system integration fidelity, full-scale migration strategy, and transformative planning cloud-based global sustainment models.

Gerald Ferry - VP Digital Products

Gerald Ferry

EVP Product 

Gerald has spent the last 20 years leading strategy and digital initiatives that enhance the user experience, increase conversion, and drive revenue growth for companies. With over 20 years of experience in program and product management, he brings a strategic vision and a passion for innovation to every project, whether it is launching a new mobile app, optimizing a web platform, or implementing an AI-powered customer data solution.

Joey Shevelson - Chief of Staff

Joey Shevelson

Chief of Staff

Joey has spent the last 18 years delivering innovative digital experiences. As a strategic product consultant and leader he has helped partners like Microsoft, T-Mobile, Starbucks, and Alaska Airlines launch web and mobile apps that empower, inspire, and create operational efficiency. He is committed to building thriving teams and delivering amazing results.

William McManus - CFO | COO

William McManus


Starting his career as accountant and auditor, Bill has led growth and change initiatives for over 25 years in various industries, creating value with Fortune 100 enterprises, small and mid-sized companies, and private equity backed portfolio companies.  As an entrepreneur, he is passionate about using technology to operate companies more effectively and also supporting teams to enable small and mid-size businesses to connect with advisors and external help to achieve sustainable growth without all the complication of traditional consultancies.

Shabnam Panahi - Lead UX-UI Designer

Shabnam Panahi

UX/UI Designer - Creative Director

As a professional UI/UX and graphic designer, Shabnam brings over 9 years of experience designing for various platforms and industries. With a strong foundation in graphic design and a focus on user-centered design principles, Shabnam has worked with clients ranging from small startups to large enterprise corporations. Shabnam is passionate about designing products that solve real-world problems and deliver meaningful user experiences. Her expertise in design thinking, user research, and prototyping has enabled her to create solutions that meet user needs and business goals.


Chris Freiburger PhD, Advisor

Chris Freiburger, PhD.

HCM and I/O Psychology Management Advisor

Dr. Freiburger is founder and principal of Human Capital Management Group, Inc. (HCMG), a global consultancy focused on improving organizational effectiveness and helping people achieve their full potential. Dr. Freiburger has over 35 years of experience applying his knowledge of Industrial/Organizational Psychology to fully leverage the value of an organization’s investment in its human capital.

Matt Roswell - Advisor

Matt Rowell

President & Co-Founder, 360 Labs, Advisor

Matt brings over 2 decades of experience in digital, and a decade of experience as a developer with a focus on rich media for an award winning digital agency in Portland, Oregon. After founding 360 Labs, Matt has worked with immersive content for 10+ years and helped brands like Google and Samsung to define best practices for VR filmmaking and post workflow. As an experienced panoramic photographer and VR director of photography, Matt has developed custom immersive tour experiences for enterprise level brands like Microsoft, AT&T, Nike, Ryder, the University of Oregon and many others.

Thomas Hayden - Advisor

Thomas Hayden

Co-Founder, 360 Labs, Advisor

With more than a decade of work exclusively in virtual reality (VR), Thomas Hayden helped pioneer the new medium of 360° video. Thomas shot and produced the very first 360 video narrative on the Internet with National Geographic back in 2007. Since founding 360 Labs with Matt Rowell in 2014, Thomas has produced and directed 360 projects for world class brands like Honda, Axon, The Sierra Club, Google, Live Nation, Daimler, the United States Coast Guard, Columbia Sportswear, and many more.

Go Deep


See what others see, find what others don't.

Be Bold


It's businessnot as usual.

Be Amazing


Stand out in a crowd.

Aspire To Greatness


Never accept mediocrity.

Sweta The Details


Nothing great is done half-way.

Win As A Team


Pull together.

Rise together.

Win together.

​Connect all things digitally through the art of ideation, innovation, and advanced technology.



​To create exceptional software products and intelligent platforms by bridging innovation, advanced technologies, and top talent to solve real-world challenges using artificial intelligence, digitalization, visualization, virtual reality, and data science.



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